Cost-Effective Solutions to a Common Problem With Aging Sidewalks

Your landscaping project does not have to cost you an arm and a leg.  Aging sidewalks can be an eyesore for homeowners.  Over time, natural settling can cause cracks, sink, and displace your existing walkway.  The apparent solution is to demolish the existing walkway and install a new one.  KCH Contracting has a better solution,  involving simple design, quick installation, and next to no maintenance.


Choose the style of paver that fits your budget and complements the overall landscape.


In most cases the pavers can be installed without removing the existing sidewalk.  Construction of the new sidewalk takes only a day or two, at a cost the customer can easily afford and with a first-class look.


Unlike stamped concrete, exposed aggregate and brushed concrete pavers are more durable do not crack. The look is remarkable: next to no maintenance cost for the life of the product.